October 8, 2007 – Back in PA

Today was a long travel day for us BUT we are in PA!!!

We traveled thru Indiana and went to Camping World in Ohio for a few items. We were going to stay at Camping World but they did not have electric and it was very HOT!! The local campground was not recommended by the employees and the one that was recommended was due west and we did not want to backtrack. So we headed further east and ended up in rush hour traffic in the Cleveland/Akron outskirts. (And we really do not like the big cities!!) But we made it out and were going to camp at a small town in Ohio and found out that by going 25 miles more we could camp at Pymatuning State Park (Jamestown Camp) in PA.

So that is where we are camped tonight. It is a beautiful state park (like most of PA’s state parks). We did not pull in until twilight so there are no pictures tonight.

It is so good to be back. Part of us wants to head straight home and another part wants this journey to continue.

Miles Traveled: 348 - WOW
Routes Traveled:
Indiana: IA-19; US-20; US-33; US-6
Ohio: US-6; US-20; OH-57; OH-82; US-42; OH-303; I-271; US-322
Pennsylvania: US-322

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