September 6, 2007 – Golden Grasses and Vulcan

We are in Canada’s Heartland – gently rolling hills with farms, ranches, cows, horses, bales of hay and everything a golden color.

We also saw a house being moved:

(That makes one house and one church on this trip – wonder what is next?

We did make one stop today:

For those of you who know that I am a Star Trek fan, we just had to stop at the town of Vulcan in the county of Vulcan. They have a Star Trek Center and of course, a starship - :-) :

So we went thru the museum and played a virtual reality game where we saved the federation. (A little cheesy but we had fun!!). I was a little disappointed because I did expect more. A few years ago I was at the Las Vegas Star Trek exhibit and that was amazing! It was like a big museum. This one in Vulcan was very small and they did not have anything from the show except pictures. They do however have a Spock/Star Trek Festival in June that does bring in a few thousand people.

We continued our journey and are camped at the Buffalo Plains RV Park and Campground. A very nice place on the Alberta prairie! We are surrounded by range cattle and had a great time watching them (as they were watching us!)

Miles Traveled: 203
Routes Traveled:
Alberta: AL-1A; AL-22; AL-7; AL-2A; AL-23; AL-3; AL-2; AL-785 (Lots of routes today!!!)

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