September 22, 2007 – The Corn Palace and Reset

This morning we finished our reset and went to the Corn Palace this afternoon.

The Corn Palace is decorated each year with a new theme with all of the crops that can be grown in the Dakota soil. There are 600,000 pieces of corn used (12 different colors or shades) and 3000 bushels of grains and grasses (Milo, rye, and sour dock). It is quite a sight.

Pictures of the palace with the designs:

You can really see the corn in this one:

Historic downtown Mitchell was also having a car show so we had a great time walking the street and seeing all the old cars.

Back at the MH we relaxed, watched football, got caught up with the blog and email, and finished charging all our batteries. Tomorrow we are heading south towards Nebraska.



TK42ONE said...

Nebraska, my favorite state (even though I don't live there).

Diane said...


Joseph E. Mackey said...

Diane and Andy,

You talked about the old cars but you posted no pictures. Lets take some pics of the old cars too.

Have Fun,
Joe Mackey