September 12, 2007 – Montana

Herds of deer; herds of antelope; and the great scenery continues:

We checked in to the Yellowstone River Campground and once we set up, we went to Pompeys Pillar.

A little history: Captain William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame) traveled the Yellowstone River on his return from the Pacific Ocean and stopped here on July 25, 1806. Clark’s journal recorded this stop at this “remarkable rock” with its “extensive view in every direction.”

Clark marked his presence by engraving his name and date on the outcrop and this is the only remaining on-site physical evidence of his epic journey.

He named this rock Pompy’s Tower. It was renamed Pompeys Pillar when the journals were published in 1814. Pompy was Clark’s nickname for young Jean Baptiste Charbonneau whose mother, Sacagawea, was the party’s interpreter. (Yes, I did copy that but I still have pictures!)

Here is the pillar:

Here is his signature:

Here is a view from the top:

Another view of the top – Yellowstone River:

Yellowstone River from the shore:

What an interesting visit. Andy and I went thru the museum, and then did the trail to the signature, the trail to the top, and the trail to the river.

Back at the campground, we have full hookups plus WiFi and cable for the TV - A nice treat for ourselves for a night. So for those of you following the blog, I have updated from 9/3-12/07. We are heading to southern Montana tomorrow and then to South Dakota. So stay tuned. (Hopefully I will have internet access sooner rather than later.)

Miles Traveled: 130
Routes Traveled:
Montana: US-87; I-90

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