August 30, 2007 – On the Road Again

Rain, rain, and more rain!

Today’s temperature did not get above 54. We also saw some early snowfall on the mountains. :-(

We were going to stop at Mukluk Annie’s but they were closed for the season so on we went to Watson Lake.

We are staying at Campground Services – the same place we stayed on the way up the ALCAN. In July, this campground was packed, now there are only ~ 10 campers and the store is closed for the season. (We noticed many places are closed for the season.)

(But there is free Wi-Fi – although very slow!)

So tomorrow we head to Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia for a nice dip in the springs.

Miles Traveled: 267.5
Routes Traveled:
Yukon: YK-1 (ALCAN)

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