August 20, 2007 – Museums

Today was museum day since it was very cloudy, rainy and cool. We learned a lot about the pipeline, the 1964 earthquake and the history of the town. Very interesting!!

This afternoon, we were able to do some touring – even though it was cloudy, this place is still beautiful:

Because of the abundance of fish, we spotted this little guy enjoying a meal (harbor seal):

And this guy enjoying a feast:

We were thinking about taking a glacier tour but decided against. We have gone on three boat tours and while it would be interesting, I would like to do something different. Also, I have been seasick on all the other tours and it took me a day to recover... Not sure if I want to be sick again. (My curiosity to see different things was stronger than my seasickness which is why I kept going…).

So tomorrow we are heading north and east. The fireweed has all bloomed and is starting to go to seed. In some areas, the leaves are starting to change so we will be heading towards Canada and the lower 48 soon. There is sadness in leaving….

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